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Cards printed from my original artwork

We, here at istillwritecards, believe that a handwritten card is one of the simplest and easiest ways to make somebody feel special. While text and e-mail communications offer certain advantages nowadays, a handwritten card is an intimate way to let someone know that you really care about them. A handwritten note lasts, even after all the electronic messages have disappeared into the digital void.

Cards hold many sweet promises. To mail or to hand over a card with a personal dedication will lift somebody’s spirit. Or, if it is an especially nice card (like ours 😊 ), it even can be admired as its own piece of art.

Cards have something romantic, nostalgic about them. So our goal, in this crazy digital world, is to continue the art of handwriting. For us, it is a new old way to make our friends and family feel special and unique.

With this idea of uniqueness in the back of our mind, we have created this online store. We offer over 100 limited edition cards, in three categories: water color, mixed media and photography. All of our cards are based on our original work and come in limited quantities only. Start writing, handwriting, of course...

Us in a nutshell:

We are a family-run business, with everything that comes with it - all the joys and pains of working within a family. You can read more about us here or contact us directly at or via Facebook. We might be into handwriting, but we are no cavemen, one of us will come back to you shortly - comments welcome, praises loved.